Anywhere Office: Brazilians can now work for companies from anywhere in the world

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After the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic, experiences with remote work showed, for many sectors of the market, how much it is possible to carry out activities without being in the office, including managing teams while maintaining productivity and engagement. Of course, this requires a change in mindset and organizational culture, as well as the implementation of new control, management and communication tools. However, this new perspective of work model has gained more and more strength and, in many cases, has become an important tool for attracting and retaining talents.

Even before the emergence and growth of the pandemic, issues involving quality of life and balance between professional and personal life were already among the most discussed topics in the corporate world, becoming the main challenges for Human Resources departments. After the experience in most professions with the forced adaptation to the home office, the administration of household chores, child care and the extension of working hours happening at home, caused issues such as burnout, depression, anxiety to become subject in almost all professional fields.

With this discussion on the rise, home office models and policies needed to be rethought/improved, and with that, the search for companies to provide job satisfaction increased. In this context, happiness at work became a more valued and discussed topic by companies, as well as flexibility and autonomy became the main characteristics desired by professionals. In other words, the intention to provide more satisfaction at work, added to the desire to have more autonomy and flexibility to work, resulted in the anywhere office, a work model that allows employees to carry out their activities from anywhere, or rather, in the most propitious place for them to be able to work with excellence and pleasure.

This is what differentiates the home office from the anywhere office, as it is exercised – literally – anywhere. It can be carried out in coworking spaces, libraries, cafes, hotels, at friends/family homes or wherever the person feels more comfortable. This is a freedom that the internet provides. Having a computer and good wifi, any place becomes an office.

This paradigms shift and opening of borders that the anywhere office provided, drew the attention of companies so that professionals from all over the world could be part of their selection processes, thus triggering the possibility of looking for the best professionals in the market, and not the best professionals only in their city, region or country. In this condition, Brazilian professionals began to draw the attention of foreign companies.

“Brazilians are highly sought after to work in several countries. Culturally speaking, they are a very resilient people, and that counts a lot when moving to another country. We know that difficulties and injustices happen all over the world, but we also know that Brazil has several structural problems that end up overlapping even more the natural challenges of each place. In addition to this “soft skill” aspect, we cannot deny that over the years the Brazilian’s technical and academic knowledge has also improved. In other words, we are talking about resilient people who use this virtue in a very creative way to solve problems, due to the sociocultural nature, and which has improved, technically speaking, over the years. What kind of company doesn’t want a collaborator like that?”, explains Flávio Tozetto, Senior Global Talent Acquisition Manager, from the American Company Loadsmart.

Loadsmart, a startup that provides logistics solutions, is an American company that currently operates only in Canada and in the United States, but which became a Foursales customer precisely in this search for Brazilian professionals. Customer Support, Revenue/Sales Operations, Customer Success and Digital Marketing vacancies have already been opened in Brazil, even though the performance of these positions refers to American and Canadian clients. “The daily life of Brazilians forces them to be creative and to know how to deal with unforeseen events, these characteristics are desired by all companies”, explains Flávio Tozetto.

The Brazilian workforce is increasing its reputation abroad. The shortage of certain professionals in the United States and Europe, added to anywhere office work, lead large organizations to expand their sights beyond borders. Thinking that Brazil is a continental country, there is a lot of potential. In addition, managers are also understanding the richness of a culturally diverse team. “ Data indicate that the more heterogeneous the teams, the more productive they will be. And when we talk about aspects that form the personality of a team, we cannot deny that having people from different countries adds a lot to our way of working, just as we add a lot to them. In other words, having different cultures within an organization promotes interaction and an exchange of worldview that makes our work differentiated”, adds Tozetto.

It was precisely for this reason that Julia Bastos Gandra Tavares accepted the proposal to leave her old position, which was on the rise, to live an experience in an American company that serves clients from all over the world. Something that in other times would only be possible if the professional carried out an exchange program or decided to live in another country. “I chose to accept the new role at Loadsmart, as I saw an opportunity to broaden my professional vision. We have the habit of understanding that CLT (Brazilian Labor Laws) is a security, but deep down it is not. What makes us grow is actually getting out of our comfort zone. I came out of my bubble and increased my knowledge in various segments. I’m experiencing globalization, working with people from different countries, learning new ways of positioning and thinking. I never imagined that my world could broaden up so much”, she explains.

Bruno Rocha Teixeira was also hired by Loadsmart and is very pleased with this new opportunity. “What caught my attention is that it’s an industry that I hadn’t worked before and it has huge growth potential. This opportunity to improve my English, to understand the more pragmatic and straightforward American way, has been very interesting. And I see that the way I’m working with more flexibility and speed is really the future. I realize that the hardworking, hands-on profile of Brazilians is highly valued”, explains Teixeira.

What really attracts Brazilians to work for a company in a foreign company is to receive a salary in currencies that are more valued than the Brazilian Real, thus enabling considerable financial growth. Therefore, this trend of Brazilians looking for positions abroad tends to increase considerably and Foursales is prepared to adapt its methodology to any type of culture, enabling more professionals and companies to grow with these opportunities.

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